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Start of project- send me your project details, either blueprints or hand drawn sketches of your project room, existing room pictures are very informative, I will contact you if there are any questions, some sketches are very rough!!! The example shown below is "Classic Elegance" in my photo gallery. I have never met this client  or been on the site. All details were discussed via email or phone and client provided all measurments for me to work with. And she then was kind enough to send me finished pictures for my website
From the information the client provided and the ideas exchanged via phone call and email, I prepared detailed coloured 3D perspectives and floor plans, there are also black and white elevations for plumbing and electric centres. This is one shot of 12 different shots this client received to ensure that all details were covered and the ordering of the cabinetry would be correct.

A little tweeking, and your plans are ready for the cabinet manufacturer and installer, and behold, your finished kitchen. Let me make it that easy for you!! In my photo gallery, this job, as well as "Down on the Delta, Arts & Crafts, Now you see it, Cedar inside and out", were all prepared without actually meeting the client or being on site for measuring etc. I trust this gives you good insight into my capabilities of turning your ideas and dreams into reality.