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Who am I and how can you be sure I can deliver what I promise?

Without actually writing out my resume, let me relate how I came to this industry, which has never become routine for me.  I started in the actual cabinet shop, learning to make and finish the cabinets, assisting installers on the jobsite, and from there the process of kitchen design came naturally. Of course, I also worked in a kitchen myself, so what was functional and non functional was immediately apparent.

I also have been heavily involved in my own personal home renovations over the years(5 kitchens myself), so details such as plumbing, electric, construction, bearing walls, flooring all became familiar, and apparent as to their role in a kitchen project.

I constantly keep myself informed of changes in the kitchen industry thru seminars, trade shows, to ensure that my clients always receive the most up to date information on style trends, appliance changes, countertop materials etc, etc.

The most significant step I took to ensure my clients that they were dealing with a true professional, was the writing of the Certified Kitchen Designer(CKD) exam thru the NKBA in 1995, which was completed successfully on the first attempt.

So whether your kitchen budget is 8500.00 or 85,000.00, the attention to detail will be the same.

I have designed kitchens and bathrooms across the country, but though tastes and needs change, the basic functionality of a kitchen remains the same. Now I call Vancouver Island home, but my client is only as far as my computor. Though it may sound strange, many of my clients in my photo gallery, I have never met in person, only via phone and email. Some clients required only design ideas to get them going, others I personally ordered and supervised the entire project thru reputable dealers of various kitchen cabinet manufacturers.

I would be pleased to discuss any questions on this process that you may have, feel free to contact us.

Irene Wiens

Carriage House Creations