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  • "Irene did an awesome job in designing our kitchen! She is an absolute pleasure to work with and her knowledge and creativity in the business is amazing.I did all the work myself..."
    Glenn Litke
    Retail Manager
  • "She is one of the best kitchen designers I know, not only does she know the cabinetry industry well, she is very detailed oriented and manages projects like it's second nature. ..."
    Josh Turh
    Lifestyle Kitchens, Regina SK

What is Universal Design???


This is such a common term these days, but one that applies more today than ever before. To me, the term does not just relate to someone who is restricted to a wheel chair, but rather applies to anyone that has some sort of mobility issue whether it is due to health, aging or some physical characteristic.

For example, I would design a kitchen differently for a client who is 5ft tall versus a client who is 6ft tall. A client who has trouble bending or reaching would have different features in each of their kitchens. And a client who is wheelchair restricted has very specialized needs not only in the kitchen but everywhere in the house.

I have designed numerous kitchens for wheel chair restricted clients over the years, including the model kitchen at Accessibility Niagara for the March of Dimes. A private client allowed me to photograph the kitchen I designed for her, check under my photo gallery. My goal in each of these kitchens was to plan their functonality to its max, and ensure the aesthics suit the home as well.

Todays appliances such as Microwave drawers, fridge and freezer drawers, dishwasher drawers, oven with side swinging doors, all positioned correctly, make access so much easier. Induction cooktops reduce the risk of burns on arms when reaching across a cooktop. Prep, cook and cleanup countertops at the right height and with room below for the wheel chair to slide under reduce the strain on backs when trying to reach to perform simple tasks. Even upper cabinets on hardware that raises and lowers them, allows access to the high areas. These features can be incorporated into any kitchen where special requirements are needed. The options go on and on, and will continue to challenge us as the majority of the population ages and wishes its independence to remain where ever possible.

Please contact myself to discuss your needs and let me show you how I can make your kitchen experience more enjoyable.